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Custom Insurance Plan Available – Includes 5 Years Of Insurance On Your Alignment & Covers Lost Retainers
Invisalign Financing Available Fees May Apply
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Rite Dentist Near Sherman Oaks, California is Now offering Whole Health Dentistry. We are proud to be one of very few dentists in United States who have recognized the importance of overall health as it is related to your whole body health.  Your mouth and oral care is a gateway to your entire body health. When you visit us at Rite Dentist in Sherman Oaks, you will can be sure that your entire health is taken care of, not just your oral health.



Rite Dentist Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is offering new patients a $200 Dental Exam, X-Ray and Cleaning offer.  Claim this special offer now!



It is important to your overall health to get your dental Exam and Cleanings every 6 months.  Don’t miss out on this special offer.  We are a dentist near you and will make this possible for you.


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Rite Dentist is here to Make you Feel Good, Look Good and Be Healthier.  Rite Dentist is the Best Dentist. 


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Excellent first visit. I was recommended by my parents, both of which are VERY picky when it comes to choosing a dentist. Highly recommend Dr Babrood!!
Dr. Hamoui is a stellar dentist! He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He is very warm and personable and always happy to explain and elaborate on his...
What made me glad is that I was informed about the procedure I neede and most importantly, I was informed why I needed the procedure. They explain how I was going to feel during and afterwards.
Wenceslao H.
Wenceslao H.
I cannot say enough about Dr. Babrood and this entire office! The office is serene, clean, and pleasant. I'm as relaxed here as I would be at the spa. If...
Generally - I am not a big fan of the dentist's office or the dentist itself for that matter. Until I met Dr. B - she has changed my whole perspective....
I had been looking for a dentist and my friend recommended me to RiteDentist. The office is very clean and sanitary and has a relaxing vibe. The front office staff are amazing kind and very organized. Dr. Babrood is very caring and took the time to go over all the procedures during each visit. Dr. B has been working on my fillings, and teeth whitening! My next appointments are for my Invisalign. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND! The level of care that they provide is extraordinary!
Awesome staff and awesome work!
Erika M.
Erika M.
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