No Insurance?

No Problem!

If you do not have dental insurance, no worries! RiteDentist provides you with the RitePlan. RitePlan is not an insurance plan, but a Dental Savings Plan offered by your RiteDentist office to help you afford the dental care you need.

Choose A Plan That Applies to YOU!

RiteDentist offers 3 plans to cover everyone

RitePlan Child

RitePlan Adult

RitePlan Perio Maintenance 


Routine Exams

All RitePlans offer two no out of pocket Routine Exams

Full Mouth X-rays

All RitePlans offer Full Mouth X-rays and Bitewings

Emergency Care Exam

All RitePlans offer Emergency Care Exam

$1000 Off Invisalign

All RitePlans offer $1000 discount on Invisalign treatments as recommended by the treating dentist

Routine Cleanings

RitePlans offer two no out of pock Routine Cleanings*

Interoral Images

All RitePlans offer Inter-oral Images as needed

Oral Cancer Screening

All RitePlans offer Oral Cancer Screening

Treatment Discounts

All RitePlans offers 15% Discount on all procedures, including cosmetics treatments. Excluding Invisalign

Rite Plan was the perfect fit for my family!

We didn’t buy dental insurance, because of the high deductible and lack of coverage when it came to treatments. We found Rite Plan to be a perfect alternative. It costs less than insurance and covers the procedures we need. 

David M.


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