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Meet Dr. Babrood

Dr. Maryet Nikkie Babrood is a cosmetic and restorative dentist in Valley Village who is passionate about creating happier, healthier and shinier smiles for patient. Dr. Babrood takes pride in offering high quality patient care and dental services. She treats her patients like family and believes everyone deserves a beautiful smile to be proud of.

Dr. Babrood’s passion for dentistry began when she was seven years old as she extracted her younger sister’s tooth with a string. She spent most of her childhood with her dentist uncle and learned to build the greatest compassion for relieving pain and helping patients smile again. “I feel like Dentistry has been in my blood ever since my sister stopped crying out of dental pain. I wanted to become the best dentist I could be where I am able to turn that terrified, in pain and anxious face into a calming and an enjoyable dental experience.

Dr. Babrood earned her first bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Psychology and then was accepted in one of the most prestigious and competitive programs Dental Hygiene/Doctor of Dental Surgery Pathway Program at University of Southern California where she became a competent dental hygienist and a dentist consecutively.

Dr. Babrood has enormous experience in working with patients with both dental and medically compromised patients. During her dental career as well as all of her volunteering experiences in both international and local disadvantage areas, Dr. Babrood has created countless beautiful and geniune smiles. 

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Dr. Babrood and her excellent team can’t wait to meet YOU







You’re In good Hands

Your Whole Health Starts with the Perfect Dental Care!

Dental care is more than just a beautiful smile. At Rite Dentist we believe in great smiles and we are committed to making your smile perfect, but at the same time, our philosophy is in order to be healthier you would need to start in the mouth. 

Dr. Babrood has the gentle touch and care for those who are senstivie to dental care.  She has vast knowledge of dental field and has treated many patients who believe in holistic dental care

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