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Holistic Tooth-Colored Fillings in Valley Village, CA

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No matter how well you take care of your teeth, odds are you will experience a cavity or two in your life. Cavities range from mild to severe, but most cavities require a dental filling. 

Rite Dentists provides tooth-colored fillings in Valley Village, CA. Our dental office is dedicated to providing safe and biocompatible holistic dental care for all patients, children, and adults. 

What Are Holistic Fillings?

Holistic dentists use porcelain or composite fillings to fix cavities in teeth. These natural-looking fillings mimic the color and texture of natural teeth. In addition, they are biocompatible and free of toxins like mercury and BPA. Porcelain fillings may also be used to replace older or silver fillings depending on the size of the tooth that needs to have a replaced filling.

Placing a Composite Fillings

Placing dental fillings is a routine procedure that your dentist can complete within one appointment. First, they will remove the decayed part of the tooth, leaving a smooth surface so the filling bonds properly. 

After preparing the tooth, the dentist will place the safe and biocompatible filling material, brushing it into the proper shape on the tooth. They make sure that the bonding agent makes contact with every part of the preparation site during the process. 

Next, the dentists will use a unique device called a curing light to harden the filling. Curing lights activate hardening catalysts in fillings by using high-frequency blue light. The blue-light treatment ensures that the filling forms molecular bonds with tooth enamel and dentin.

We offer homeopathic and natural alternatives to traditional sedatives and pain medication. 

Why Tooth-Colored Fillings?

Many patients prefer tooth-colored fillings for several reasons. 


Composite fillings mimic teeth’ natural whiteness and texture, so many prefer them for aesthetic reasons. Dental fillings can improve the appearance of patients’ teeth and restore their self-confidence. While some prefer the metallic luster of amalgam or silver fillings, most want their fillings to be as discreet as possible. 

Leave More Tooth Intact

Composite fillings form a strong molecule bond with the underlying enamel and dentin, meaning the dentist does not have to remove as much of the top layer of the tooth to get a solid bond. Composite fillings are less invasive because they leave more of the natural tooth structure intact than silver or gold fillings. 


Metal fillings often contain mercury, which can be hazardous in high doses. While most metal fillings do not release enough mercury to cause noticeable health effects, many patients prefer to avoid the risk entirely. Therefore, composite fillings contain zero mercury.

Fast Application

Tooth-colored fillings are fast and virtually painless to place. Depending on the cavity size and filling, your dentists can finish setting and curing the filling efficiently and in a timely manner.. You can get a same-day filling and go home later with little to no change in your daily routine. 

Holistic Dentistry and Dental Fillings

Holistic dentistry is all about balancing physical, mental, and emotional health through the practice of dentistry. A holistically-oriented dentist will pursue traditional dental treatments and alternative lifestyle therapies. Oral health is connected to all other aspects of health, and holistic dentists strive to provide a comprehensive bird’s-eye view of dental care. 

As a holistic dental office, Rite Dentist cares about the relationship between oral and general health. We use BPA-free plastics for all of our composite filling placements and pursue lifestyle-oriented treatment regimens for a wide range of dental conditions. We want to treat peoples’ oral problems and help them understand how oral health affects their overall bodily health. 

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Rite Dentist offers general family dentist services in Valley Village and the wider Los Angeles area. Our goal is to promote health and holistic oral health for all our patients. The RITE in our name stands for our core values:

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