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Tooth Extractions in Valley Village, CA

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Tooth extractions in Valley Village, CA, represent an essential facet of dental care. Our team at Rite Dentist always aims to maintain a damaged or infected tooth, but we understand that sometimes a tooth must come out.

We provide holistic tooth extraction services that focus on your complete well-being. You can discuss all the options to resolve an oral healthcare issue by calling us for help today.

When Dentists Choose to Perform Tooth Extractions

Patients require tooth extractions for several different reasons. We believe in assessing each patient’s unique situation before scheduling an extraction. Consider the following common reasons to pull a tooth.

A Tooth Broke

Sometimes, accidents happen. Car accidents, slip and falls, or even sporting accidents can lead to a badly broken tooth. Sometimes, chewing wrong on a hard object – like a popcorn kernel or biting into your silverware can crack or break a tooth.

In some situations, dentists can repair a minor crack. In other cases, we recommend tooth extraction to remove the damaged tooth.

Issues with Extra Teeth or Baby Teeth

In most cases, a patient’s baby teeth fall out as they age, making room for adult teeth in their jaws. However, this does not always occur properly. Baby teeth may fail to fall out, while some patients have extra teeth. Some patients are recommended to go through orthodontic treatments to expand and create space for adult teeth to come in and erupt. This expansion also helps with airway issues. However, In some cases where there is absolutely no other solution to keep the teeth, removing baby teeth is more deemed to provide the space necessary for the rest of a patient’s teeth to thrive. 

Teeth Become Loose Due to Periodontal Disease

Periodontal – or gum – disease represents a serious oral health concern for patients in Valley Village. The disease can loosen the roots of your teeth as it advances. Eventually, dentists may recommend removing severely loose teeth.

Serious Cavities Develop

Finally, some dentists schedule a tooth removal if you develop severe cavities or tooth decay. We generally try to resolve cavities using pulp/nerve therapy and fillings or crowns. However, in extreme cases where the tooth is not salvageable, we may have to remove the tooth altogether. 

We Take Care of Each Step in Tooth Extraction

Do you have questions about tooth extractions in Valley Village, CA? Our team can address any concerns you have while walking you through each step of the extraction process. 

Preparing for the Extraction

A holistic dentist will not simply ask you to open your mouth and lean back so they can pull your tooth. Instead, we take digital x-rays of your jaw and tooth to get a clear view of the issue. Again, we work with very low-radiation equipment to protect your health.

Controlling Your Discomfort

We prefer to use homeopathic and biocompatible solutions for dental pain as a holistic practice. Alternative treatments may include natural herbal therapies, aromatherapy, calming exercises, acupuncture, and chiropractic or massage therapies. You can also manage pain post-extraction using natural remedies such as anti-microbial salt rinses, clove or oregano oil, arnica, and other holistic pain management techniques. 

Extracting Your Tooth

We use specialized tools to handle tooth extraction. For example, dentists use an “elevator” to carefully loosen the gum tissue surrounding your tooth and lift the tooth out. You may feel pressure and hear noises while the dentist uses the elevator.

After raising the tooth, your dentist can use forceps to finish loosening the tooth and pull it from the socket.

A dentist has to break/section a tooth to remove it in pieces in some cases. You may notice strange sounds during the process, but we’ll monitor the process to ensure that you stay comfortable throughout. Once the tooth is extracted, the periodontal ligament is fully excavated to ensure the source of the infection is removed.

Your Options After Tooth Extraction

Our team can step in to help you recover after the extraction of your tooth. In addition, we provide you with several options to replace your tooth. For example, you may want to consider an implant, a dental bridge, or a removable appliance to fill in for the missing tooth. Your other option would be not to replace the tooth with anything. However, we do not advise patients of this option as it may lead to various issues such as changing your bite, shifting and tipping teeth over into the space, malaligned teeth, speech and sleep alteration, etc. We also advise patients to complete tooth removal by placing a bone graft into the socket to avoid jaw bone deviation and/or bone defect. 

In the immediate aftermath of your tooth extraction, make sure that you:

  •       Eat soft food
  •       Avoid the use of straws and do not spit
  •       Do not smoke
  •       Do not drink carbonated beverages

Taking these simple steps can help your mouth heal more quickly after removing a tooth in Valley Village.

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