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A Holistic Approach to Dental Crowns in Valley Village, CA

For dental health that will make your entire body feel good, trust our holistic approach at Rite Dentist!

A genuine smile says a lot about your personality. It shows confidence and friendliness and can become one of your most attractive features. On the flip side, hiding your smile behind tight lips will depict shyness and indifference.

If you’ve had enough of the latter scenario and need dental crowns in Valley Village, CA, to mask your dental imperfections, count on us. At Rite Dentist, we’ll take you down the naturopath road to recovery.

Who Can Benefit From Dental Crowns?

Our dentist will determine whether a dental crown is appropriate for imperfection or sensitive teeth. A dental crown serves as a hollow cap that the dentist will place over the tooth to give it a whiter, thicker, or stronger appearance. Our dentist will try their best to match the cap to the rest of your teeth for an unnoticeable look.

Some oral concerns that indicate you may need a crown include:

  •     Decay: If you have a deteriorating tooth that has lost most of its enamel, the tooth will be too weak to hold a filling. Likewise, it can lead to further problems down the road. In these cases, it’s best to place a protective cap over the tooth to preserve it.
  •     Damaged Teeth: Accidents can happen, resulting in cracked or chipped teeth. A crown will prevent the crack from reaching the gum line and deter infections.
  •     Stains: While whitening your teeth can help remove stains, it’s not always 100% effective. If caffeinated drinks stain some teeth more than others, cap them for a brighter look.
  •     Absent Teeth: Dental crowns remain common dental procedures, including bridges, implants, and dentures. Our dentist will place a cap over the empty socket to hold the other dental work in place.

The Dental Crown Procedure

The First Visit

If you’ve decided on dental crowns in Valley Village, CA, you can expect two dental visits for crown preparation. During the first of those two visits, our dentist will take x-rays to examine jawbone health and the condition of the gums and roots. Other procedures, including root canals, may be necessary for deeper underlying concerns such as damaged or infected teeth.

The dentist will file down your tooth, removing some surface enamel. Doing so will prevent the cap from looking bulky and moving surrounding teeth. Next, our dentist will use a 3D digital scanner to scan the tooth and bite and send the scan directly to the lab. Doing so, the lab will start working on your crown right away and fabricate specialized shapes and custom crowns/caps.

Before leaving the dental office, our dentist will place a temporary cap over the reshaped tooth to protect it from sensitivity and further decay. We’ll also suggest teeth whitening before prepping the tooth to be replaced with a permanent dental crown since we will try to match your crown to the shade of your natural and existing teeth. 

At Rite Dentist, we offer Zoom Teeth Whitening and laser whitening while using holistic substances to prepare your teeth for the process. Before your whitening appointment, more details will be given to prepare you for a visit. Then, we’ll move forward with a Zoom whitening gel and laser light to create your desired look.

The Second Visit

The dentist will examine your gum and tissue health further during your second visit. That will determine the best cementation material for your unique situation and well-being. Our dentist at Rite Dentist strays away from toxic heavy metals and relies on zirconia, titanium, and other biocompatible materials.

The Final Visit

After three weeks, our dentist will meet with you again to remove the temporary crown. Then, with the appropriate permanent cement, we’ll place your new custom crown in for durability and functionality.

Why Take the Holistic Path

Consider the holistic path for dental work, including dental crowns in Valley Village, CA. Like traditional dentists, naturopath dentists believe any dental concerns or unhealthy oral habits can affect the entire body. However, unlike traditional dentists, we at Rite Dentist believe the solution also affects the body, mind, and spirit.


In other words, traditional dentists tend to use and promote toxic materials, including:

  •       Mercury or heavy metals in fillings, bridges, and other dental work
  •       Fluoride in tooth varnish and toothpaste
  •       Bisphenol A, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and other harmful allergens
  • Not an actual focus on the patient’s whole health, both orally and systemically. 

Our dentistry uses alternative treatments and biocompatible natural materials that won’t harm the body. We’ll also analyze your and your family’s medical history to avoid adverse reactions.

For More on Rite Dentist

At Rite Dentist, we’ll assist you with your nutrition plan and explain the connections between your oral and overall health. For more on our procedures, including dental crowns in Valley Village, CA, contact us at 818-766-7776 today!

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