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Amalgam Removal

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 Amalgam Mercury Removal in Valley Village, CA


Rite Dentist provides Amalgam Removal in our office located in Valley Village, CA .  Many studies have been conducted and link many diseases to the silver mercury filling in your mouth or known as Amalgam filling.  Dr. Babrood as a top holistic dentist in Los Angeles does not place any mercury fillings on her patients and  meets or exceeds all safety guidelines for removing mercury fillings from her patients mouth.  

According to the World Health Organization all dental amalgam restorations contain approximately 50% mercury.  World Health Organization goes on to say Mercury is highly toxic, especially when metabolized into methyl mercury.  Around 80% of the inhaled mercury vapor is absorbed in the blood through the lungs. it may cause harmful effects to the nervous, digestive, respiratory, immune systems and to the kidneys, beside casing lung damage. (Source: WHO)

 If you have Amalgam Mercury Fillings in your mouth, make an appointment with Rite Dentist in Valley Village to get it removed safely.