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Emergency Dental Care in Valley Village, CA

Contact our team if you have a dental emergency by calling 818-766-7776.

In a dental emergency, you want to find a dentist fast. We reserve same-day appointments to help accommodate urgent dental issues in Valley Village, CA. We use a holistic approach when treating dental pain, broken teeth, abscess, infection, and other emergency issues.

Reach out to Rite Dental in Valley Village, CA, and get treatment for your dental pain as soon as possible.

When to Speak to an Emergency Dentist in Valley Village, CA

Some patients feel unsure if they’re experiencing a dental emergency or not. You can reach out to us at any time if you:

  • Knock out a tooth 
  • Break a tooth 
  • Crack or chip a tooth
  • Experience extreme tooth pain
  • Lost/broke a tooth filling

Experience swelling or bleeding in the mouth 

 However, emergency dentists do more than help with a broken or chipped tooth. Our team also helps if you experience trauma to your jaw, lose a crown or filling, cut your lip or gums, or damage a veneer. 

We provide you with comprehensive dental care provided in a holistic environment. 

Determine if You Need Emergency Dentistry

Sometimes, it’s obvious you need to contact someone for emergency dentistry. For example, if one of your teeth got knocked out, you should reach out to an oral healthcare professional right away. However, what if you only experience bleeding from your gums or cheeks?

In many cases, minor wounds in your mouth bleed a lot because there are so many blood vessels in the area. However, this does not mean that you need emergency care. See if you can assess the size of the injury before you go in for emergency care. 

Pain, however, generally indicates a more pressing need for emergency dental care. Therefore, if you experience severe pain that refuses to go away, we recommend that you reach out to a dentist right away. 

Waiting to get help in an emergency can lead to more severe damage to your teeth, requiring more expensive dental services to complete your recovery. 

Treatments for Dental Emergencies

Our team has the facilities and training to provide you with dental care in an emergency. For example, we may perform an emergency tooth extraction or root canal if you come to the office with severe pain and tooth infection.

In other cases, we may fill a cavity or address issues caused by gum disease. If you lost a tooth, we might even be able to replace it in some situations. 

You can reach out to us immediately in an emergency. However, the faster you get help, the better your prospects of quickly recovering from an oral healthcare emergency. 

Speak to an Emergency Dentist in Valley Village

If you need an emergency dentist in Valley Village, CA, consider reaching out to our team at Rite Dentist. We can handle your emergency and help you get back on your feet. 

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Dental Emergencies can happen to all of us.  Rite Dentist team is here to provide your with all dental emergencies in Valley Village, CA. 

Fractured Tooth
Abscessed Tooth
Missing Tooth
Broken Filling
Extraction Emergency
Save a Tooth

Call the Rite Dentist team for any dental emergencies. We are happy to assist you and take your tooth pain away. 


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