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Are you interested in dental sealants in Valley Village, CA? Our team at Rite Dentist provides holistic dental services to address all your needs. Holistic sealants protect your teeth while embracing a natural approach to oral health care.

Dental Sealants in Valley Village

Many patients wonder if they should get dental sealants and what benefit they provide. Our team recommends sealants, as they protect you from tooth decay and cavities.

Dental sealants go over your back molars in most cases. They provide a layer of protection that stops bacteria and other dangerous substances from reaching the surface of your teeth and causing damage.

Sealants work alongside good oral hygiene to help you prevent cavities. However, you should still regularly brush and floss your teeth after getting sealants, as they do not provide complete protection. They only make cavities or dental decay less likely.

Review the Process for Applying Dental Sealants

Our team takes a holistic approach to applying dental sealants in Valley Village, CA. Holistic dentistry – also called biological dentistry – focuses on your body’s natural needs during dental procedures, avoiding the use of treatments that could cause you harm. We don’t use metal in our practice, sticking to more natural and tolerable materials.

We take careful steps to apply your sealants painlessly, helping you protect your oral health over the long term. The process requires:

Cleaning and Drying Your Teeth

We begin a dental sealant appointment by preparing your teeth to accept the sealants. This process requires technicians to clean the surface of your tooth thoroughly. A dentist also ensures your teeth are completely dry before moving forward with the process.

 Applying a Preparatory Solution

Our dental team uses a specialized solution that roughens the surface of your teeth after the cleaning. This solution helps the sealant adhere securely to your tooth, allowing it to remain in place even when you eat. We clean and dry your teeth again after applying the solution.

Sealing Your Teeth

 Finally, our dental team applies the sealants to each tooth you want to be covered. We can usually complete the entire process in a single office visit, allowing you to move forward with the rest of your day in short order.

We Offer Tooth Sealant Services for Your Whole Family

Many people associate tooth sealant services with a treatment offered to kids. However, we recommend applying sealants for children as their permanent molars grow. Some patients start receiving sealants around five, with most patients getting all their adult teeth by 14.

Dental sealants help protect the health of your child’s teeth, especially at an age where they may forget to brush or perform proper dental care regularly. In addition, sealants may help your child avoid getting cavities that could impact their oral health in the future.

Our holistic practice offers dental sealants for adults, too. So you can enjoy an extra degree of protection for your teeth at any age. Contact us to find out how holistic dental sealants can help you avoid tooth decay.

Getting and Keeping Your Dental Sealants in Valley Village

You may wonder about the prices for dental sealants in Valley Village. In many situations, dental insurance companies cover the application of these sealants. However, some policies do not provide coverage for this service.

 We can review your insurance policy before setting up an appointment for dental sealants.

Once we apply your sealants, you can count on them to last for around ten years. However, they begin to lose some degree of effectiveness after the first two years.

You can keep your oral health in good condition by regularly brushing and flossing. We also recommend that you get regular dental check-ups. An oral healthcare professional can clean your teeth and inspect the condition of your sealants.

Our team can reseal any trouble areas we notice on your sealants as time goes on. We ensure your sealants remain in good condition and handle the rest of your oral healthcare needs. You can set up your appointment today.

Speak to Us About Dental Sealants in Valley Village

Are you interested in dental sealants in Valley Village, CA? Our team at Rite Dentist provides your family with effective and holistic dental care options. We always put your needs first and review all the options to address your concerns.

Find out more about how we could help by calling us at 818-766-7776.

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