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Holistic Dentist in Valley Village, CA

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Historically, medical doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals have treated an individual symptom or problem like just that, individually. However, in recent years, the healthcare industry has experienced a shift towards a more holistic approach, including the growing popularity of holistic dentistry in Valley Village, CA.

At Rite Dentist in Valley Village, we recognize how limiting the traditional approach to dentistry is. So instead, a holistic dentist considers not just the health of a patient’s teeth and gums but how these things affect and are affected by the entire body, mind, and spirit.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is an approach to dental care that considers every aspect of a patient’s health. To prevent future problems, a holistic dentist treats oral health issues at their biological roots. 

How Does Poor Oral Health Affect the Body?

A patient’s overall health is directly related to their oral health. Poor oral health can lead to infection, bacteria buildup, tooth degeneration, and gum disease. These problems, in turn, may contribute to:

  •       Heart disease
  •       COPD
  •       Alzheimer’s disease
  •       High blood pressure
  •       Sleep disturbance
  •       Stroke
  •       Diabetes
  •       Inflammation
  •       Rheumatoid arthritis

Holistic dentists avoid harmful materials and techniques. For example, many common materials in traditional dentistry contain toxic substances. For example, did you know that “silver” fillings are 50% mercury? Instead, we use biocompatible materials to improve oral and overall health through holistic dentistry in Valley Village, CA.

If you have metal fillings placed by a traditional dentist, we can safely remove the mercury from your body using the SMART technique. Our dentists are certified in this technique and have extensive experience holistically removing amalgam fillings.

Four Principles of Holistic Dentistry

Rite Dentist believes in the power of a holistic approach to oral care. The following four principles guide our practice:

  1. Use thoughtfully chosen, biocompatible materials in oral products
  2. Understand the harmful effects of bite problems and how to prevent and treat them
  3. Identify biological causes in the prevention and treatment of gum disease
  4. Use nutrition in the prevention and treatment of degenerative dental disease

How Do Holistic Dentists Treat Patients?

Our holistic dentists believe that a patient’s oral health is connected to the entire body’s health. Treatment follows this belief. For example, a patient with a cavity will receive more than just a filling at Rite Dentist. Your dentist will also educate you on proper nutrition or suggest a specific dietary addition or restriction, or even recommend any natural techniques and/or supplements to help prevent future cavities.

Holistic dentists also protect their patients’ overall health by providing natural solutions to problems. A patient who clenches their jaw at night, for example, may need a sleep study to understand the situation entirely—a simple mouthguard is not enough.

By identifying and treating the root of the problem, holistic dentists improve overall body health, not just oral health.

Holistic Dental Treatments Beyond Traditional Care

Being a holistic dental practice means we provide all of our patients’ services. We provide dental exams, cleanings, teeth whitening, teeth bonding, porcelain veneers, and extractions. We also offer emergency dental services for broken or missing teeth, abscesses, broken fillings, and more.


The difference is we don’t stop there. We also offer:


  •       Nutrition education
  •       Use of biocompatible materials
  •       Use of BPA-free materials
  •       Sleep testing
  •       Aromatherapy
  •       Homeopathy
  •       Herbology
  •       Natural therapies and remedies
  •       Toxicity testing
  •       SMART amalgam filling removal
  •       Meditation
  •       Emotional healing
  •       Systemic health education

Why Should I Consider Holistic Dentistry?

The benefit of holistic dentistry is that it expands the way dentists and patients think about oral health. In the human body, everything is connected, so it doesn’t make sense to treat problems as separate from the rest of the body. For example, it doesn’t make sense to fill a cavity without providing actionable nutrition counseling.

For a holistic dentist, it’s not just about the dental exams or the teeth whitenings and cleanings. It’s about how oral health affects the health of the rest of the body and vice versa. Let Rite Dentist show you the difference holistic dentistry in Valley Village, CA, can make for your oral and overall health.


Rite Dentist is a full-service dental practice serving the Valley Village community. Call 818-766-7776 today for holistic adult, child, and orthodontic services.


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