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 Dental Exam & X-Ray in Valley Village, CA 


Routine dental exams and cleanings are integral part of your overall health and oral health. These periodic exams enables the dentist to assess the condition of your whole body and oral cavity as well as evaluate your routine oral hygiene care at home. 

It is very important to detect any dental and oral issues early on to avoid serious and painful complications. Rite Dentist, along with American Dental Association (ADA) suggest regular exams and x-rays on periodic bases.  At Rite Dentist, it is our mission to make your overall heath and smile as our ultimate goal. Therefore, we take every measure to keep that goal our priority. At each visit, we ensure you schedule your follow up periodic appointment, so you don’t have to worry about it. By doing so, you become part of our Rite Dentist team to help you create and maintain a healthy and happy smile 

Rite Dentist is here to Make you Feel Good, Look Good and Be Healthier. 

At Rite Dentist, on your first visit,  we evaluate your total health by conducting a comprehensive dental examination performed by your dentist.  During the follow up exams at least every 6 months, your dentist performs the following: 

Exam and X-Ray (if needed)

Oral Cancer Screening

Gum Disease Evaluation (Gingivitis)

Bone Disease Evaluation (Periodontitis)


At Rite Dentist you will also get a professional and thorough dental cleaning, which is the gateway to your overall wellbeing. Routine cleanings are key to your whole body health, as it will reduce inflammation in the body.  At Rite Dentist our Registered Dental Hygienist will perform a professional cleaning for you. American Dental Association (ADA) and Rite Dentist suggest professional dental cleaning at least every 6 months. 

Your dedicated Dental Hygienist will perform the following treatments using ultrasonic devices and hand scaling:

Scaling (cleaning tooth surface) and root planing (cleaning root surface- whenever possible)

Plaque Removal

Tartar (calculus) Removal

Teeth Polishing

Stain Removal

In order to be Healthier, Feel Good and Look Good, make sure to complete your Exam, X-Ray and Cleaning at least every 6 months. 


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