Dental Bridges in Valley Village, CA

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Dental Bridges in Valley Village, CA

Whether you have a gap left because of orthodontic treatment or tooth extraction, trust us to fill it with our natural and metal-free bridges today!

 After tooth extraction, leaving an open space can lead to further complications. To keep the rest of your teeth properly aligned, your dentist may recommend a bridge.

Dental Bridges: What Are They & How Do They Work?

If an accident has knocked out one or more teeth, or if a deep untreatable infection prompted an extraction, dental bridges may be the way to go. Dental bridges discreetly fill the space between your teeth.

Dental bridges typically look like a small row of three or more teeth. The middle tooth is solid, replacing your missing tooth, while the outer teeth of the dental bridge slide over existing teeth like a crown. These external teeth act as an anchor for the replacement tooth.

Whether it’s a tooth bridge or an implant bridge, we work with zirconia, and ceramic materials which may be necessary to anchor the bridge in place. At Rite Dentist, we believe in a holistic approach and non-toxic materials. 

Why Should I Consider Dental Bridges?

Usually, patients tend to consider dental bridges in Valley Village, CA, out of insecurity. A missing tooth that is visible when you smile or speak quickly becomes an attention-grabber when conversing with friends, colleagues, or clients. Still, many put a gap that’s out of sight out of their mind.

If you want to know if you should fill the gap between your teeth, keep in mind that:

  •       Missing teeth equals poor digestion: Missing teeth can affect your chewing since food settles into the socket. As you swallow, unchewed food particles will enter your digestive tract. Being harder to digest, they will cause bloating, gas, and other digestive issues.
  •       Teeth movement is likely: The others will gravitate to fill the space with one tooth gone. As a result, crooked teeth are possible. In addition, they can harbor bacteria and food particles, leading to decay and further infection.
  •       Bone loss is possible: Teeth rooted into your jawbones cause stimulation that keeps the bones healthy. However, tooth loss can affect bone growth, resulting in more tooth loss and a compressed face shape over time.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

In Valley Village, CA, dental bridges consist of a relatively simple procedure. This two-visit process begins with preparing the surrounding or abutting teeth. Next, our dentist will file down these healthy teeth for the outer crown-like parts of the bridge.

Then, a professional will create a mold of the area to make a unique bridge catered to your teeth’ shape and gap size. However, before leaving, our dentist will give you a temporary bridge to protect your teeth from sensitivity and the socket from bacteria.

Within two weeks, once your permanent bridge is ready for installation, you can return for your second and final visit.

Why Choose a Holistic Dentist for a Bridge?

At Rite Dentist, we believe in holistic techniques that remedy your oral concerns while maintaining overall health. We avoid harsh minerals like fluoride and metals that can irritate the body. Instead, we use biocompatible materials like zirconia that are metal, mercury, and BPA-free.

We also pride ourselves on our natural and safe dentistry techniques. Rather than treating individual dental problems, we look for the root cause of the concerns. Unlike traditional dentists, we’ll examine:


  •       Your family’s health records for hereditary concerns
  •       Your dental history for recurring issues
  •       Your lifestyle and diet for possible risk factors
  •       A microscope slide of extracted bacteria and plaque for an in-depth understanding of your oral health


Since your oral and overall health affects one another, we also take the time to explain the connection. Our technicians at Rite Dentist will delve into oral and body care that each patient should be doing at home. With this, reversing and warding off infections and diseases becomes easier. 

Rite Dentist: Your Go-To Holistic Dentist

Are you ready for a dental visit that will positively affect your spiritual, emotional, and overall wellness? At Rite Dentist, we care about you, not just your teeth. So, count on us for holistic dentistry that keeps harmful materials out of your body.


We’ll walk you through our process if you need a dental bridge in Valley Village, CA. So call Rite Dentist at 818-766-7776 to make an appointment today!

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