Dental Cleaning in Valley Village, CA

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Dental Cleaning in Valley Village, CA


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If you’ve avoided the dentist for some time, you’re likely due for a cleaning. Schedule your next appointment with the top holistic practice offering dental cleanings in Valley Village, CA. Rite Dentist provides more than just dental care, as our team places great importance on the overall health of our patients.

The Importance of Dental Cleanings

We recommend flossing once at night and brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing twice a day, but that alone cannot prevent bacteria from finding places to hide. Schedule your dental cleaning at Rite Dental in Valley Village, CA, every six months. We love to help our patients maintain a bright and healthy smile. 


Before you consider skipping your dental exams, remember:

You Can’t Reach Every Crevice in Your Mouth

Despite the devices you use and how thorough you are, it’s not possible to clean every crevice in your mouth. A dentist not only uses better tools, but they also have a far better view of your teeth while cleaning them. So when it comes down to it, there’s only so much you can do at home on your own.

Plaque Becomes Impossible To Remove

After just a couple of days-, plaque solidifies to the point that it can no longer be removed with floss or a toothbrush. It eventually reaches a level where only a professional can remove it, so routine teeth cleanings are essential to your dental care routine.

Catch Serious Conditions Early

When you get your teeth cleaned regularly, you allow your dentist to catch severe health conditions early. While cleanings help prevent most oral health conditions, they can still develop if you don’t brush and floss regularly. Our dentist will look for signs of cracks, decay, gum disease, and gum recession during dental cleanings.

Keeps Your Teeth Healthy for Cosmetic Improvements

If you plan to invest in cosmetic improvements such as teeth whitening or veneers, you must have healthy teeth. Scheduling regular cleanings will ensure your teeth are strong enough to receive cosmetic enhancements and procedures.

What To Expect During a Holistic Dental Cleaning in Valley Village, CA

Plaque Removal

Plaque is made up of colonies of bacteria build-up that leaves the teeth feeling slick or fuzzy. It’s a regular occurrence but should never be left unaddressed. When bacteria mix with the sugar in food and drinks, it creates an acid that can damage tooth enamel and lead to decay.

Additionally, plaque build-up on the gum line can cause gingivitis or the early stages of gum disease. Without having your teeth professionally cleaned, gingivitis can become periodontitis and result in tooth loss. Therefore, when you come to Rite Dentist for a dental cleaning, we make sure to remove all plaque and assess your gums for disease.

Tartar Removal

When plaque is not removed and has time to harden, it becomes calcified and turns into tartar also known as calculous. By coming into contact with your saliva, the tartar grows into a hardened residue that provides an area for bacteria to flourish. To prevent gum and periodontal disease, it’s essential to see a dentist regularly.

Unlike plaque, tartar cannot be managed by brushing and flossing daily. Instead, our professionals can remove tartar from teeth using the proper tools, ultimately preventing serious health conditions from developing.

Stain Removal

Our dental hygienists will remove plaque and polish the teeth during the dental cleaning process. Polishing helps remove surface stains, making your teeth look brighter and whiter. We also offer teeth whitening services for those who want to improve their smile even further. After completing the cleaning, we do not apply fluoride varnish on the teeth. Instead, we discuss other alternatives with patients depending on their health and dental condition.

Early Detection Screenings

During your dental cleaning in Valley Village, CA, we will assess teeth for any damage such as decay, cracks, and cavities. We will also inspect the gums for signs of gum disease, oral cancer, bone disease, infection, or a receding gum line. Early detection is the best way to ensure the problem can be fixed quickly and adequately.

Dental X-Rays

We often use  digital x-rays during routine cleanings to better understand what is going on beneath the surface. X-rays can show us things we cannot otherwise see, such as impacted teeth, wisdom teeth, and hidden cavities.

Trust Rite Dentist in Valley Village

When you need dental cleaning in Valley Village, CA, you can trust the top holistic dental practice in the area. Our soothing environment and gentle methods have helped us become a favorite dental practice among many residents in the community.

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