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Dental Ozone Therapy in Valley Village, CA

Are you looking for ozone therapy in Valley Village, CA? Call Rite Dentist today at 818-766-7776 for holistic dental services. 


How Does Ozone Therapy Work?

Ozone therapy refers to the use of ozone derived from medical-grade oxygen to an area of the body in need. It is used for everything from dentistry to helping patients suffering from chronic pain.

Ozone is a chemical reaction that occurs when an electric current meets oxygen. The resulting chemical is an oxygen molecule known as “ozone” that includes three atoms. This is a volatile molecule that creates oxidation.

This ozone molecule is used in dentistry for many dental services, but at its core, ozone therapy is used for oral procedures that require restoration, disease prevention, or healing.

At Rite Dentist, we use ozone therapy as an alternative to standard antiseptics or disinfectants because it is highly effective at healing and regenerating damaged areas of the gums and teeth. 


Ozone Therapy Uses at Rite Dentist

The following are the therapeutic areas we serve using ozone therapy:

  •       Cavities
  •       Gum Infections
  •       Tooth Sensitivity
  •       Teeth Whitening
  •       Oral Bone Health
  •       Mouth or Gum Cancer
  •       Oral Cold Sore Healing


When Is Ozone Therapy Used?

Ozone therapy is used for several purposes when it is the most viable option for sterilizing the entire oral health. The decision to use ozone therapy for a root canal will depend on the situation and the dentist performing the service.

 Because ozone therapy can destroy pathogens and strengthen enamel, it eliminates cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. In addition, even after a cavity is formed in the mouth, ozone therapy can rejuvenate the enamel and strengthen the damaged tooth or teeth.

 Gum disease can be treated with ozone therapy. Oral bacteria cause gum infection and gum disease, and ozone therapy can eliminate the infection-causing bacteria in the mouth and reduce the risk of gum infections.

 Ozone therapy can provide incredible benefits to a patients’ oral health when executed by a professional dental care team like our team at Rite Dentist. If you’re ready to learn more about holistic dentistry practices like ozone therapy, we’re happy to help.

At Rite Dentist, we specialize in holistic dentistry and alternative dental therapies. Holistic dentistry, sometimes referred to as natural, integrative, or biological dentistry, uses natural materials and biomimetic methods to treat dental problems. We are interested in our patient’s whole health, mind, body, and spirit. 

Holistic dentists don’t use materials that contain toxins like mercury, metal, or BPA. For example, we recommend metal-free zirconia dental implants, as zirconia is a biocompatible material. In addition, we offer low-radiation x-rays and other treatments that are more gentle and better tolerated even by the most sensitive bodies.


To schedule your appointment for ozone therapy in Valley Village, CA, call Rite Dentist today at 818-766-7776. We can also help you explore other holistic dental treatments.

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