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General, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry Serving Valley Village, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and the Greater Los Angeles 

Quite literally just finished with my first appointment here. The Doctor and team here are fantastic and friendly. Thoroughly explained what they were...
Steven R.
Steven R.
15:08 01 Jun 20
After going through several dentists, I finally found one that took a moment to listen to my concerns regarding the procedures I needed done. She took the time to explain which procedures were important and which ones can be completed at a later time since I was on a budget. During the process, she always makes sure to ask how I am feeling to make the procedure as painless as possible. The office is very clean and the staff is always helpful whenever I come in or call with questions. I have recommended Dr. B to several of my family members and friends and they only have positive things to say about her.
Sarge Babrood
Sarge B.
01:57 10 May 20
I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Babrood to address an abscess and a tooth that had decayed toward the gum. I popped the abscess, and fortunately, it...
Dominic R.
Dominic R.
14:48 09 Mar 20
Dr Babrood and her staff are really amazing. As someone who faints easily in medical situations, I have never felt so at ease at the dentist. They are so...
Sarah A.
Sarah A.
15:57 06 Mar 20
Dr Babrood is the most caring dentists out there. I live here in Sherman Oaks and I am glad I have found Dr. Babrood and Rite Dentist. They have an excellent team and have become my to go dental office in Sherman Oaks. Last time I visit for my regular cleaning, I asked Dr. Babrood to remove my old silver fillings which are toxic for the body. Dr. Babrood first educated me on the safe amalgam removal techniques and importance of whole body health and then proceeded by giving me pure oxygen and covering my teeth and month while removing the mercury filling out. She made sure I was pain free while she was doing the work. She only numbed the tooth instead of my whole mouth, like other dentist do. I was in such shock when she was done, and my mouth was not even numb, yet didn't feel any pain. Dr. Babrood placed new safe fillings on my tooth. Now I am mercury free and can show off my smile.
Shayan Shahabi
Shayan S.
23:46 27 Feb 20
Dr. Babrood was so sweet and patient with my 10 month old baby for her first visit to the dentist. She was very thorough and gentle. You can tell she's passionate about what she does. That's exactly the kind of dentist we were searching for. We are look forward to many more visits with her!!!
Christina Butz
Christina B.
05:42 19 Feb 20
Miss Monday
Miss M.
02:41 19 Feb 20
Dr. B and her team were very kind and professional. She came up with a plan to help me get my mouth back where it needs to be and took time to explain everything (I hadn’t been to the dentist for a cleaning or anything in a year and a half) I was quite nervous going in but left relaxed, knowing that I can trust her to do what is best for me. 100% would recommend!
22:15 10 Feb 20
I really like Dr. Babrood and assistant Isobel 🤗. They took very good care of me throughout the process of applying a new crown. I was very comfortable in their lovely office, listening to music the whole time and I appreciate all the good advise on care of teeth. I will recommend Dr. Babrood to my friends - she is terrific ❗
Bev Barnes
Bev B.
19:19 05 Feb 20
I am one of those individuals who would fear going to the dentist. I figured that if my I didn't have any issues of pain or discomfort in my mouth there there was no need to visit a dentist. After a brief interaction with Dr. Babrood I was convinced to have a x-rays done. Needless to say I had cavities that needed to be filled and other procedures to be done. Dr. Babrood provided me with options in solutions and didn't apply any pressure for me to decide one way or another. She has a pleasant personality that help ease my anxiety throughout the procedures. Dr. Babrood also explained before, during, and after the procedures what and why she is doing or what was done. I noticed that Dr. Babrood is very detailed oriented which means that she takes pride in her work and is not applying a "patch" on the problem. Her team is also very friendly. It seems that they understand that their is a negative stigma towards the dentist that they take extra steps to make me feel comfortable. From the moment of arrival I am greeted with smiles. While waiting on the chair I was offered the opportunity to watch TV, listen to music, or simply have water to drink. The office is very clean. I highly recommend Dr. Babrood and her team to meet your dentistry needs.
lorena ramirez
lorena R.
03:26 18 Jan 20
Rite Dentist in Sherman oaks and specially Dr. Babrood have been my go to dental office. I have always been hesitant to go a dentist until I found Dr. Babrood, she has such a gentle and caring touch that makes going to the dentist a breeze! When she does any injections, you don’t even feel it! Her clinical work is above any standard of care and any service you receive at other dental offices. I highly recommend this office to all my friends and family. Give them a try and you will not regret it!! ❤️ ⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️
Lida Shahabi
Lida S.
20:28 10 Dec 19
Dr. Babrood and her team provided warm, caring, service while being thoughtfully strategic in their approach to handling my amalgam (toxic mercury gray fillings) extractions. The process is equivalent to removing old fillings and replacing them with new ones, except that the process is more complex. Each tooth is alienated with a rubber dental damn so that upon extraction the poisonous mercury isn't ingested by the patient. Also a pure oxygen mask is placed over one's nose in order "not to inhale" the toxic mercury being removed. Dr. Babrood and her kind colleagues provide a premium service, with much focus on craftsmanship, fine detail and purposeful / needed work only; if its a filling you need she's not going to try and give you a more expensive crown, root canal, etc. I received more than my money's value, the quality of work is exceptional and I highly recommend her and her staff.
Chris L
Chris L
22:41 24 Nov 19
I always feel so welcomed when I go in for my appointments 🙂 Dr. Babrood genuinely cares about her patients and their actual lives beyond the dentist chair. She is very talented with her dental work and makes you as comfortable as possible while in (and out) of the chair. I feel very lucky to have found her and her incredible crew of equally genuinely loving people. I highly recommend her!
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa H.
08:56 04 Nov 19
Clean, friendly environment. Dr. Babrood and her assistants are amazing and made me feel comfortable during my procedure. Dr. Babrood talked me through everything she was doing. I highly recommend checking them out if you need to find a dentist!
chelsea weiand
chelsea W.
18:12 29 Oct 19
Once you've reached my age you come to know that when a dentist says "this is only going to hurt a little" what they actually mean is that what ever they...
Andrew Y.
Andrew Y.
09:43 18 Oct 19
Let me first start off by saying that I have an extreme case of dental-phobia for as long as I can remember. I have always been afraid of dentists and never...
Shiva S.
Shiva S.
17:15 15 Oct 19
Unbelievably kind, gentle, and accommodating. Would recommend to anyone nervous about their dental health.
Danny Gomez
Danny G.
20:25 08 Oct 19
Dr. B. and staff are kind and more than competent. I’ve had some hard experiences at “the dentist” in the last two years and was nervous to meet yet another one and try again. But here I am so sure and confident I am in the right place where my whole wellbeing is considered in each visit and the plan to take care of my mouth is prioritized and clearly mapped out. I know what needs to be done to get me back on track and in good health. I know I’m in good hands and have experienced the highest quality care to date.
Heather Russell
Heather R.
02:13 27 Sep 19
The entire staff is delightful. Thank you, each and every one of you, for your excellent care and beautiful spirits.
15:16 25 Sep 19
Noe Mag
Noe M.
15:09 19 Sep 19
Dr. Babrood is a very kind and very professional dentist who took her time getting to know me and my situation before making any recommendations. A crown had fallen out of my mouth. A dentist recommended me to get and implant saying that there wasn’t enough structure on my tooth to support the crown. She took x-rays and measurements to assess if I could get a crown put on. She found there was. The other dentist tried to put my crown that fell off without taking any measurements. I felt her exam was the most thorough I ever received along with the recommendations. I felt like someone really connected to me and what I wanted. I highly recommend her. I’ve been to good dentists and belay ones. I think she is a great one.
Jonathan Rose
Jonathan R.
00:06 17 Sep 19
To be honest, going to the dentist has always made me nervous. Now imagine how nervous I was when I found out I had my first few cavities. I am so grateful that I was in the hands of Dr.Babrood! Throughout the entire process, Dr.Babrood was gentle and patient. She was very informative and answered all of the questions I had regarding the dental work that was needed. Dr.Babrood and her staff walked me through the procedure step by step and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the entire process. Dr.Babrood is hands down the best dentist I have ever been to. She is kind, knowledgeable, and truly wants what's best for you! I HIGHLY recommend Rite Dentistry to everyone!
Lar Y
Lar Y
01:40 14 Sep 19
Alba Rivera
Alba R.
01:38 14 Sep 19
To be honest, going to the dentist has always made me nervous. Now imagine how nervous I was when I found out I had my first few cavities. I am so...
Lar Y.
Lar Y.
18:33 13 Sep 19
To be honest, going to the dentist has always made me nervous. Now imagine how nervous I was when I found out I had my first few cavities. I am so...
Larissa Y.
Larissa Y.
22:07 11 Sep 19
Most thorough dental exam and cleaning I’ve ever had. Contrary to my fears, the Zoom whitening was painless and really worked! Awesome precision work bonding my chipped tooth. Thank you, Dr. B, for your expertise and calming nature. I appreciate your thorough, painless, and professional top-notch dentistry! 🙏🏼💖 FIVE STARS!!
Laura Shaw
Laura S.
17:16 11 Sep 19
Hands down, Dr. Babrood is the best dentist I've ever been to! She is so nice and considerate of your time. I feel like most dental offices make you wait...
Noesh H.
Noesh H.
03:05 11 Sep 19
Such a friendly staff. Dr. B is the most thorough dentist I have ever had. What dentist office has jelly beans in the waiting area!? Highly recommend.
Aaron Epstein
Aaron E.
19:41 06 Sep 19
I came in for a cleaning with Dr. Babrood because I was referred by a friend of mine. I was a bit hesitant because as many people know, dentists can be very...
Sarge B.
Sarge B.
21:57 30 Aug 19
When Dr. Miller retired, I considered finding a dentist closer to home. Not now! I love my new dentist! Dr. Nikki is caring, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Her training and experience are impressive. She does her best to make me comfortable during a procedure and let's me ask all kinds of questions. Her staff is wonderful, too. Isabel and Masha always greet me with a warm smile, and Habeet is a great addition to the office, as well. Everyone there is easy to talk to and very welcoming.
Dylis Becker
Dylis B.
03:40 29 Aug 19
After just 2 visits Rite Dentist has become my all time favorite health care provider. Friendly and professional support staff and Dr. Babrood is amazing. Professional, knowledgeable and great bedside manner. A future ROCKSTAR in her profession. I can not recommend her and her staff enough. If you have been seeing the same dentist for years I encourage you to give her practice try... you won’t be disappointed.
d w
d w
19:12 28 Aug 19
After just 2 visits Rite Dentist has become my all time favorite health care provider. Friendly and professional support staff and Dr. Babrood is amazing....
Dale W.
Dale W.
12:14 28 Aug 19
My first time visiting was met with patience and grace dealing with a headache of an insurance problem. I love how small this practice is because it truly feels like they are getting to know you and building that trust you want. I felt like the Dr was honest and straightforward with her suggestions for my dental care. I was so sick of having to go to Beverly Hills for my dentist and am SO HAPPY I have found this wonderful place where they take such good care of me!
Zoe Levine
Zoe L.
03:54 27 Aug 19
I have always been afraid of dentist but when I went to Dr. B's office, I was truly amazed at the painless dentistry she performed on me. I was impressed by the friendly staff and quality of work performed. I will be a patient for life!!
Kevin Zafari
Kevin Z.
05:41 25 Aug 19
One of the best dentist offices I have ever been too. Very professional and took care of me in a timely fashion. Me also working in a customer service...