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Sherman Oaks Holistic Dentist

Traditional dentistry sought to heal and prevent diseases of the mouth. In Sherman Oaks  Holistic Dentistry looks at ways to treat larger problems in the body as well as healing or correcting problems in your mouth. Rather than the overly specialized treatments of traditional dentistry, we look at the various ways systems within your body work together and affect each other.  At Rite Dentist we look at your whole body health instead of just your oral care.  We believe your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body and in order for you to fee good, look good and be healthier, we should look at the entire body and not just in the mouth.  


Holistic dentistry is guided by: four main principles


1)      Eliminating the use of toxins in dental materials by carefully selecting more bio-compatible products

2)      Prevention and treatment of bite problems and associated negative effects

3)      Prevention and treatment of gum disease at its biological basis

4)      The prevention and reversal of degenerative dental disease through proper nutrition


Biocompatible Materials:


We only use the most biocompatible materials in our treatments. As a leading holistic dentistry office in Sherman Oaks and Greater Los Angeles are, we recognize the impact toxic materials can have on a patient’s dental and physiological health. A leading concern among holistic dentistry practitioners is the potential health hazards resulting from the use of dental materials containing toxic compounds. The most common source of concern has been the amount of mercury found in silver fillings.


Amalgam fillings contain almost 50% mercury, one of the most toxic substances a human can ingest. As teeth succumb to the normal wear and tear form daily brushing, chewing food and grinding teeth, the fillings can slowly release mercury vapor. This vapor is absorbed in our soft mouth tissue and slowly builds up in our bodies. Studies have traced the movement of this harmful metal from our mouths to our brains.

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Our Office Environment:

 The anxiety normally associated with visits to the dentist’s office can contribute not only to a patient’s overall stress levels, but can often result in delayed or skipped visits. We have tried to create a comforting, clean and relaxing clinic. We shall try to be very gently, work with you slowly and explain what we are doing.

Routine dental exams and cleanings are integral part of your overall health and oral health. These periodic exams enables the dentist to assess the condition of your whole body and oral cavity as well as evaluate your routine oral hygiene care at home. 

It is very important to detect any dental and oral issues early on to avoid serious and painful complications. Rite Dentist, along with American Dental Association (ADA) suggest regular exams and x-rays on periodic bases.  At Rite Dentist, it is our mission to make your overall heath and smile as our ultimate goal. Therefore, we take every measure to keep that goal our priority. At each visit, we ensure you schedule your follow up periodic appointment, so you don’t have to worry about it. By doing so, you become part of our Rite Dentist team to help you create and maintain a healthy and happy smile 

Rite Dentist is here to Make you Feel Good, Look Good and Be Healthier.  We are your to go Holistic Dentist in Sherman Oaks! 


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