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With Invisalign, you may be able to get the smile you want in 6 months to a year.



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Clear aligners are not only practically invisible but also extremely effective. With Invisalign, you may be able to get the grin you want in 6 months to a year. Our goal is to help every patient achieve gorgeous and healthy smiles through a whole approach.

While traditional braces use severe metal brackets, Invisalign is a gentler BPA-free plastic that causes lower pressure to your body. As a result, Invisalign is a less invasive and safer way to straighten teeth.

With Invisalign, you can gradually straighten your teeth without sacrificing your favorite foods. While metal braces require patients to avoid hard candies and sticky foods, clear plastic aligners are detachable for meals, so you can eat whatever you want. In addition, because they are removable, there is no troublesome maintenance – just brush and floss as usual!

If you’re interested in straightening your teeth with clear aligners, call us at 818-766-7776.

Why Choose Invisalign over Braces?

  1. Clear aligners straighten your teeth without bulky metal brackets and wires. 
  2. You can enjoy your favorite foods by taking out the aligners to eat. 
  3. Clear aligners reduce the risk of awkward stains. 
  4. You don’t have to add to or change your oral hygiene routine. 
  5. Clear plastic aligners are more comfortable than traditional metal braces. 
  6. Invisalign clear aligners are easy to clean. 
  7. Invisalign plastic aligners are highly durable. 

The clear aligner Treatment Process

Your clear aligners specialist will start the process by taking a mold of your teeth. Clear aligners are designed to fit the unique shape and layout of your teeth for comfort.

Once the plan of treatment is decided, you will be given several aligners. Then, every ten days to 2 weeks, you will change one set for the next, progressively moving your teeth to achieve the desired alignment.

How Long Does the Invisalign Treatment Last?

Although a clear aligner treatment requires less time than traditional metal braces, the length of time will depend on your situation. Most clear aligner treatments can straighten your teeth within a year; however, your Invisalign in Canyon Country, CA, will be able to give you an exact time frame.

One of the main reasons Invisalign treatment requires less time than traditional braces is because patients don’t have to schedule frequent visits to their dentist’s office.

Traditional metal braces require patients to visit their dentist every six weeks for wire adjustments. With the Invisalign treatment, patients receive multiple clear aligners to switch out every couple of weeks without scheduling numerous appointments.

How to maintain Your Clear Braces

Your Invisalign provider in Canyon Country, CA, will give you specific instructions on caring for your clear aligners. At Rite Dentist, we recommend that patients rinse their aligners with warm water daily and brush with a toothbrush.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The cost of an Invisalign treatment depends on different factors:

  • The number of aligners you receive
  • The severity of your teeth misalignment
  • The location of your Invisalign provider

Generally, the cost of Invisalign treatment ranges between $3000 and $8000. Most dental insurance policies will cover between $1500 and $2000 for orthodontic treatments, but patients should refer to their policy benefits to confirm the exact coverage.

At Rite Dentist, we want our patients to receive the dental and orthodontic care they need without worrying about breaking the bank. That’s why we work with multiple insurance carriers and discuss payment options with our patients to establish an affordable payment plan.

Who can get clear braces?

Patients with minor or moderately crooked teeth can qualify for an Invisalign treatment. More severe misalignments may benefit from other forms of treatment.

The best way to know if you are a candidate for Invisalign clear aligners is to set up a consultation with us. We’ll examine the alignment of your teeth and recommend the best treatment option for your specific situation.

A Holistic Approach to General Dentistry

At Rite Dentist, our goal is to assist every patient realize their desired smile they have always wanted and attain optimum oral health. In contrast to traditional dental offices, we exclusively use biocompatible materials for our dental treatments.

We use body-friendly materials made of natural substances to create various restorative and cosmetic dental treatments advantageous for your body and immune system.

As a leading Invisalign provider in Canyon Country, CA, Rite Dentist provides unmatched dental and orthodontic services. Call our office today at 818-766-7776 to book an appointment.

Invisalign in Canyon Country, CA

Useful information regarding Canyon Country, CA

Canyon Country is a neighborhood in the eastern part of the city of Santa Clarita, in northwestern Los Angeles County, California, United States. It lies along the Santa Clara River between the Sierra Pelona Mountains and the San Gabriel Mountains. It is the most populous of Santa Clarita’s four neighborhoods.

The area was the ancestral homeland of the Tataviam people for over five hundred years, and other tribes before then, such as the Tongva, Kitanemuk, and Serrano people. After Spanish settlement, the valley became grazing lands of the Mission San Fernando Rey de España around 1790. In 1834, after Mexican independence, it became part of the Rancho San Francisco land grant centered on the confluence of the Santa Clara River and Castaic Creek.

In the 1880s, the rancho become the Newhall Ranch empire of Henry Newhall, from which his family started the Newhall Land and Farming Company after his death. In 1928, the St. Francis Dam collapsed, suddenly flooding and washing away settlements and people along the Santa Clara River section of present-day Santa Clarita not including Canyon Country. Canyon Country was originally to be called Solemint. It later absorbed the community to the west called Honby. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Newhall Land company’s suburban developments transformed Canyon Country and the surrounding towns into a largely residential city.

In 1987, Canyon Country was one of four communities, along with Valencia, Newhall, and Saugus, that merged to create the city of Santa Clarita, California.

Canyon Country is located on the east side of Santa Clarita, along the Santa Clara River. It occupies roughly the portion of Santa Clarita east of Golden Valley Road, and is bordered by Saugus to the west and Newhall to the southwest. The Sierra Pelona Mountains lie north of the community, and the San Gabriel Mountains lie to the south and east. Both ranges are part of the Angeles National Forest.

Canyon Country lies primarily within ZIP codes 91351 and 91387. The boundary between the two ZIP codes mostly follows Sierra Highway – addresses west of or along the highway are in 91351, while addresses east of the highway are in 91387. ZIP codes 91321, 91350, and 91390 also include small portions of Canyon Country.

Due to its location adjacent to the mountainous Angeles National Forest, and its aridity (especially in summer), Canyon Country is susceptible to wildfires. The Buckweed Fire in October 2007 burned nearly 38,000 acres (15,000 ha) throughout Canyon Country and Agua Dulce. The Sand Fire took place in Canyon Country in July and August 2016 and burned nearly 42,000 acres (17,000 ha) of land.

Canyon Country has the highest number of unique neighborhoods of any borough in Santa Clarita. Most derive their names from natural landforms such as a canyon or from a ranch that was once located there. A neighborhood may include a variety of housing tracts with unique names.

Notable neighborhoods and communities include:

The oldest neighborhood in Canyon Country is Whites Canyon, traditionally named “Canyon Country”. The neighborhood includes both Sierra Vista Junior High and Canyon High School. Some of the newest neighborhoods in Canyon Country include Skyline Ranch and Vista Canyon, the latter of which is still under construction as of April 2023.

As of the 2020 census, the population of Canyon Country was 92,897. 41.7% of residents were Hispanic, 36.7% were non-Hispanic white, 13.9% were Asian American, 7.4% were African American, and 3.1% were Native American.

Canyon Country elementary school students attend schools in Saugus Union School District and Sulphur Springs School District.

Middle and high school students in Canyon Country attend schools in the William S. Hart Union High School District, in particular Sierra Vista and La Mesa Junior High Schools, and Canyon and Golden Valley High Schools.

Santa Clarita Christian School is located in Canyon Country. College of the Canyons has a satellite campus in Canyon Country in addition to its main campus in Valencia. Charter College has a campus in Canyon Country, one of three campuses in California (the others are in Lancaster and Oxnard).

Canyon Country is served by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Los Angeles County Fire Department. The fire stations serving Canyon Country are 104, 107, 123, 128, 132, and 150.

City of Santa Clarita Transit operates bus services throughout Canyon Country along routes 5, 6, and 12. Route 12 provides direct connections to Metrolink’s Antelope Valley Line at Via Princessa station. The Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center will become the central transit hub of Canyon Country once completed by the end of 2023.

Canyon Country is served by the park system of the city of Santa Clarita. Parks in Canyon Country include Canyon Country Park (the largest), North Oaks Park, Discovery Park, Todd Longshore Park, Fair Oaks Park, Oak Spring Canyon Park, and Begonias Lane Park. The city’s newest park, Plum Canyon Park, is located in northern Canyon Country on the border with Saugus.

The George A. Caravalho Santa Clarita Sports Complex in far western Canyon Country includes a gymnasium with two indoor, full-sized basketball courts, four pickleball courts, two volleyball courts, two futsal courts, and four racquetball courts. The Sports Complex includes the City of Santa Clarita Activities Center (a.k.a. The Centre) which contains rooms for banquets and meetings. Adjacent to the Sports Complex is the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center, which includes three large swimming pools and several water slides; the Trek Bike Park of Santa Clarita (opened September 2020) covering 7 acres including BMX and mountain biking trails; and the Santa Clarita Skate Park. Many city-sponsored recreational programs are held at the Sports Complex and adjacent facilities. It is located along Centre Pointe Parkway just east of Golden Valley Road.

The house of The Crandall family used in the movie Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead is located in this community. A home here was also featured in the climax of Real Genius, but it no longer exists.



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