Dental Saving Plans in Valley Village, CA 

Rite Dentist Offers in house dental savings plans

First-Time Patient?

Consultation, Exam, X-Rays, and Regular Cleaning for only $250!

Dental Saving Plans by Rite Dentist in Valley Village, CA


Our Dental Saving Plans is great for those who do not have dental insurance.  As you have learned throughout the years, Dental Insurance does not cover everything you need when it comes to dental procedures. In fact some dental insurances don’t cover much of anything and also dictate to the dentist on what her professional diagnosis should be, without ever seeing the patient.  

That’s why at Rite Dentist in Valley Village, CA we decided to create out own dental saving plans. It is not insurance but a membership that carries a lot of benefits for our patients.  When you sign up, you pay an annual membership fee and get to enjoy all the perks and benefits.  The benefits are Free Exams, X-Rays and cleaning. Virtual visits and so many more.  When your need a procedure that is not part of the plan, you will get 15% discount on it. 

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